KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...I’m building up my muscles just toting day-out necessities bag

Now I would have thought the arrival of summer would equal a much smaller bag for me to carry around.

After all there is no need to carry extra coats, jumpers, warm snacks or anything like that.

How wrong could I be?

Well, when I went for a little trip to the park at the weekend with my little man I looked as though I had taken a week’s worth of shopping with me.

It was crazy. I think the only things I had in my bag which were actually mine were my purse, phone, camera and keys.

So let’s delve a little further into my Mary Poppins bag.

I need a spare pair of shorts and T-Shirt for the Munchkin who seems to have made it his mission in life to seek out dirt and make it stick to his clothes.

Then, of course, I need to make sure we have a couple of cartons of juice and some light snacks.

Add to that nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, suncream, sunhat and all the other little bits and bobs.

Then suddenly I find a little toy has been put into my bag to help someone pass the time on the journey to the park.

Add to that a small football, and a bucket and spade for the sandpit and my arms are ready to give up as my bag groans and begs for mercy.

I used to think going out with a little baby was a military-style operation involving copious amounts of supplies. But then at least I would take the pushchair with me to help share the load.

Now my little man wants to walk everywhere I no longer have even that help – so it’s my shoulders and arms which suffer.

Still I always have the knowledge that when a certain little lump gets tired at the end if the day and I have to carry him home too, it can be part of my training for the world’s strongest mother competition.