KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...My tiny angel is on her way to becoming quite the talking point

How long is it until complete strangers stop admiring your little ones?

When they start school, get into double figures or are teenagers?

Everywhere we go at the moment I spot people looking at my month-old little girl and saying how gorgeous she is.

Not that I mind one bit – she is one of my two greatest creations!

And having a baby out with you is a great conversation starter, with strangers bounding over for a peek and to ask questions about her. Day trips to Butlin’s and Marwell Zoo this week saw her admired all through the day as well as at trips to the shops, parks and indoor play areas.

And it is not just men or women of a particular age who strike up a conversation because of a baby, but all sorts of people of all sorts of ages.

Children are happy to ask just the basics (name, age etc) with adults probing a little further and fellow parents engaging in a compare and contrast session between their own youngsters and mine.

They all say how tiny she is but for me, my tiny baby has already been replaced with an adorable bigger round one.

Already out of her newborn vests and bodysuits, my angel has little round cheeks, has filled-out arms and legs and is starting to (sort-of) fit into her cute tiny dresses for 0-3-month-olds.

And, when she is awake, she is looking all around and taking in her world and the people around it which makes her even more of an interesting topic of conversation for strangers.

Mind you her big brother is also making sure he gets in the admiration act. My little man is a complete chatterbox and asks questions and talks to everyone wherever we go. Helping to ‘pay the lady’ at the checkout, asking total strangers what their name is, and chatting away to his cuddly lion and his cars always ensures someone makes a comment about how cute his is. (They would not be saying that if they had just dealt with one of those terrible-twos tantrums).

But I am so glad one regular comment which is aimed in my direction is how polite he is – saying please and thank you all of the time, as well as saying bye-bye to people.

It means we must be doing something right at home!

** Out of the mouths...

I absolutely love the innocent and gorgeous things my little boy says sometimes.

This week’s classic was ‘Mummy, can we go to the shops and buy some cobwebs? Then I can put them in my bedroom’.

How adorable! I had to stop myself from having the fit of giggles at his little request which he asked so sweetly. But sorry honey, the answer is still no!