KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...Pregnancy is just flying by – yes, it’s second-baby syndrome

I knew becoming a mum for the second time would feel totally different.

But I expected to notice far less of what was going on instead of more.

Yes, it’s true the horror hit me when my midwife asked me how many weeks I was – and I couldn’t remember.

With my son I could tell you to the day, but this time around I have to really think about it hard. Oh, the shame! But, my midwife assures me, it is second baby syndrome.

With the first one you spend so much of your time looking at the books and working out how big your little addition to the family is.

With a toddler to keep me occupied, I have barely had time to think about keeping up with whether my new baby is the size of a sprout, an orange or a giant baked potato.

And with my first, the time seemed to drag on (probably because of my hourly updates) whereas with this one I think baby will be here before I know it. Eek!

But the trade-off has been that when I do really have time to think about my pregnancy, I really do notice more of the details.

The first was my feeling baby somersault in my tummy about six weeks earlier than the first time around.

So, it means I have been talking to baby much earlier than I did with my son asking him/her ‘what are you up to in there’ and saying ‘hello baby’ whenever they jiggle.

Another example came the other day when I had my second scan at St Richard’s Hospital.

The first time around it was all a bit of a blur but this time around – accompanied by baby’s big brother – my husband and I watched in amazement as we saw a close-up of baby’s face. We also watched special images of baby’s heart working and the different chambers in action.

Again, absolutely amazing!

Another brilliant thing about having baby number two is the reaction so far from number one.

Just this morning he said he wanted to give baby a cuddle and kiss before I went to work. So we ended the morning with my two-year-old hugging my bump. And then he went off to grab baby a toy to share. So, so gorgeous!

His enthusiasm for my growing bump is so wonderful to watch and is just another thing which is helping to make this second experience as wonderful as the first.

* Sweeney Todd – it was a cut above...

If you didn’t make it down to CFT to see Sweeney Todd you missed a real treat.

Last week I was a guest of the university at a production of the fabulous musical.

Mr Nice Guy Michael Ball was absolutely ace (and very creepy) as the demon barber of Fleet Street.

But Imelda Staunton was the absolute star of show with her amazingly funny performance.

A great duo – I’m glad I caught it just before the end of its run.