KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...Silly mummy – I’ll just have to learn to pay more attention

I knew it would happen one day, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. I have been corrected by my toddler!

I made the stupid mistake of confusing two of the characters in Bob the Builder. One came on the screen and I said ‘look it’s Scoop’, only for my little man to look at me and say ‘Muck’.

It turns out he was right. Silly mummy.

I suppose this means I will now have to start paying more attention to the programmes he is watching.

Not that he is a big TV fan – I think he just likes having the bright colours and music on in the background.

Mind you, maybe he is paying more attention than I think because the second the end credits come on he shouts ‘again’.

Now I don’t mind having Bob the Builder on but I draw the line at six times in a row.

Like every generation, I loved all of the programmes which were on when I was little.

And of course, like everyone, I think the programmes which were on before or since were not as good.

But flicking through the ridiculously long list of programmes for children these days there seems to be a real revival of classic kids’ TV – with a bit of a modern twist.

Postman Pat, Fireman Sam even the Mr Men are back. Yay.

But then I watch them and spend the whole time lamenting the fact there is something wrong with each one.

Thomas the Tank Engine has the wrong theme tune, a CGI Noddy character just looks wrong. Even Rupert Bear has been ruined by modern technology. What’s next, Button Moon in 3D or a CGI Emu?

Perhaps it is better I don’t watch too much children’s television and just let my munchkin correct me.

At least then I can’t complain and he gets to think his programmes are the best ever.