KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...The name of the game is choosing what he or she will be called

What’s in a name? Well if you are trying to decide what on Earth you should call a child you have never even met, then the answer is a lot.

Or not a lot at all!

Yep, you have guessed it, my husband and I are still playing the name game with the bubba.

And of course because we have no idea if we are having a blue baby or a pink one, it is twice the fun (or pain depending on how you look at it).

Any name my husband likes, I don’t, and any name I like, he doesn’t.

We are slightly hindered from the start thanks to our rather common surname which automatically rules out a shopping list of names.

Dan Brown, James Brown, Gordon Brown (kidding!), Bobby Brown and Charlie Brown are among those we have to steer clear of unless we want to condemn our poor child to a lifetime of teasing.

And they are just the boys’ names!

Then on top of that we have to think about the names which are fashionable – or not – at the moment.

And do any of them have odd meanings which can lead to teasing in later life?

Do we steer clear of Harry, Jack, Ruby and Lily because they are so popular at the moment?

Should we be happy to call our child Olivia, knowing when they are at school there are bound to be at least three other girls in their class with the same name?

Or do we go for the more unusual and hope it doesn’t sound outdated or weird?

Is it any wonder celebrities embark down the weird and wacky route of naming their kids after fruit – Apple, Peaches etc – in an attempt to give their children their own identity.

(Don’t worry little baby, I was not thinking of calling you pineapple or blueberry!)

But for mere mortals, we have normality to consider!

Of course this is not the first time we have played the name game. My husband and I went through all of this before with our son – agreeing on only a couple of names which would be acceptable.

And as soon as we saw his little face we knew instantly what to call him, and I’m sure the same will happen again this time around.

But there is that nagging question of should I embark on copious amounts of researching names and randomly suggesting them in the hope something grabs us? Or do we again leave it to fate and inspiration to decide?

Of course the decision could be taken out of my hands with baby due in only six-and-a-half week’s time, introducing a bit of a deadline element for our decision-making.

And of course we are still faffing about trying to sort out the other stuff for the baby and myself, so we may not get around to it.

Instead the mountains of muslins which I have spent the weekend washing may get in the way of the name game – not to mention packing my hospital bag!

** Tragic star was a part of my childhood

I was so sad to hear about the untimely death of Whitney Houston.

She was one of those amazing singers which I grew up listening to in one of those soundtrack to your childhood moments.

I spent many a time dancing around the living room during her 80s heyday, and you just don’t realise how many songs of hers you actually know.

How very, very sad another star has been so lost before her time.