KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...We’re all going on a summer holiday

I may only be going a few miles down the road but I don’t care – I’m counting down the days until my holiday.

The fantastic Butlin’s beckons for us on Monday where we will enjoy a week of entertainment, fun and hopefully a little sunshine.

Well Bognor Regis is officially the sunniest place in the UK!

The arrival of my little munchkin means the days of holidays abroad are long gone (well for now, anyway).

So instead of quiet beaches, great places to eat and good walks being among the first considerations when finding a holiday, now cheap, cheerful and fun for kids is at the top of my wish-list.

I’ve been telling everyone who will listen I am going away and how much my little man will love the Bob the Builder show, the mini fairground rides and the brilliant entertainment.

I can’t wait to watch him running around trying to copy what the Red Coats are doing.

The trouble is, I’ve been so busy getting excited it has only just dawned on me I actually need to get us packed and ready to go.

We are going self-catering so I need to go shopping and get some snacks, juice and other bits and bobs to keep us going.

Then of course there is the dreaded packing.

I’m sure my husband will use the excuse of not wanting to pack the wrong thing to get out of this chore.

So he will eventually supply me with a pile of clothes to chuck into a bag – and I’m certain at least half of it will need ironing.

Then of course I need to pack the little man’s clothes – juggling the need to keep clean clothes stashed away which he can’t ruin, and ensuring he has enough clothes to last the next few days.

I’m sure I’ll get everything ready in time and leave my husband to cope with the real challenge – fitting it all in the car.

So food, clothes, travel cot, toys, pushchair... the list goes on.

Thank goodness we are only down the road, I couldn’t cope with a longer journey.