KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...Why aisle never enjoy traipsing around the local supermarket

Doing the weekly food shop has never been that much fun. And these days it seems to be even more of a chore – and an expensive one at that.

Despite all my good intentions to go to the supermarket one evening during the week it almost inevitably doesn’t happen, and the idea of attempting it on a weekend just fills me with dread.

So my precious day off usually starts with the fun which is trying to keep a toddler happy while dashing around the aisles, avoiding those people who seem to think it is perfectly fine to stop to chat in everyone’s way.

On top of that there is the ritual of checking what offers there are and deciding whether or not to change my meal plans, or discovering that one vital ingredient is missing.

Another distraction is keeping on top of the trail of shoes, bags of apples and packets of crumpets coming from my trolley which my little angel creates for me as part of a wonderful game of keeping mummy on her toes.

Upon arrival at the check-out you have that realisation that although you have enough ‘bags for life’ to carry enough shopping for the whole street – you have left them in the car.

And then when you have packed your shopping away into your new shopping bags, you brace yourself for the dreaded total you are paying for the privilege of this weekly headache.

Just how can so little food cost so much these days?

I try my best to only buy what we absolutely need. I buy a lot of own-brand labels and I try to get as much fruit and vegetables as I can.

But every week I seem to come back with an empty purse and what seems to be a pitiful amount of food.

Still at least I can look forward to the pleasure of doing it all again next week.