KELLY BROWN: My little ones are lost in their own little world, for the moment

MY LITTLE ones absolutely adore each other. I wonder just how long it is going to last for?

Like two best friends, my son and daughter seem to follow each other everywhere, playing together in their own little funny world.

My ten-month-old daughter is a complete mummy’s girl at the moment, cuddling me, launching herself in my direction and constantly saying ‘mama’ wherever she goes.

But when my son comes into the room, it is a completely different story. She crawls straight in his direction, tries to climb up him and gives him the biggest smiles in the world.

And he loves laying down on the floor with her and sharing toys before the pair of them engage in a highly amusing laughter session.

They chuckle away at each other as though they are both sharing the world’s funniest joke.

No adults are allowed to know what is going on or join in!

My little man also spends much of his time blowing bubbles on her tummy and asking his sister to look at him while he performs an amazing feat (lifting his leg, throwing a ball, eating his sandwich!)

And he has now decided she is a brilliant candidate to play ‘wrestling’ with (don’t panic, it is not as bad as it sounds!), which sees him cuddle her on the floor while she laughs away with delight.

Now of course, this happy little relationship doesn’t last all day, every day. After all a three-year-old boy does need his own space to create his own little imaginary world with his dinosaurs, cars, Bob the Builder toys and Lego which he doesn’t want to share. So when he wants his own space he resorts to the old tell-tale favourite of ‘Mum, she’s touching my toys’.

But it is lovely to watch, and I’m enjoying it before she gets older and the time when they bicker kicks in.

I remember growing up having such silly rows with my younger brother – especially sitting in the car when we would argue over who was taking up the most space, making the most noise. It must have driven my parents potty.

Something for me to look forward to!

I’m SO glad I’m postponing the stresses and strains of picking a primary school.

My son was a September baby, so instead of him starting school this year, I have a whole other year to wait.

But not all of my friends are so lucky and several of them have been wrestling with choosing a school for their little ones. It is such a big decision for our children who look far too young to be starting school this year.

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