KELLY BROWN: Preschool, It’s a world where your best friend changes daily!

WANT a best friend who is interchangeable, not to mention best friends with someone else?

Well, head to a preschool because deciphering who is friends with whom seems to be as complicated as nuclear physics.

For the past couple of weeks my son has claimed his best friend has been a particular little girl.

But ask him if she is his best friend and the answer is no, she is best friends with another girl.

And that little girl is best friends with someone else... and so it goes on.

Seemingly any two children at his preschool are not actually best friends with each other.

Anyway, this week on Monday he said she was not his best friend any more, because she was now best friends with someone else.

Not that he was bothered by this latest development. His now former-best friend is still one of the harem of girls who he finds himself surrounded by on a daily basis (Daddy is so proud).

And the really funny thing is when I’ve been talking to the staff at nursery, he spends a large portion of the day playing with another little girl.

But ask him if she is his best friend and the answer is no, even though she hugs him before she goes home!

The rules of social convention and friendship also remain a mystery when it comes to deciding who is a friend at all.

My son will tell me about a little boy who he says is not very nice to him. But when I suggest he doesn’t play with anyone who is not nice to him, I’m informed that this little boy is his friend and he likes playing with him.

I give up – I really don’t understand it!

This who-is-friends-with-whom game is terribly confusing and I just can’t keep up, but at least I know he is not short of children to play with.

In the meantime my baby girl’s friends are easy to work out. Last week she and another baby were holding hands. Mega cute!

And I most definitely approve of who my son has declared his current best friend to be.


Out of the mouths of babes ...

I had that moment this week when I was left totally embarrassed by something my son innocently said about someone else.

We were walking through the library when he looked at a lady and said, ‘Mummy, that lady has a really big tummy’. Cringe!

Needless to say, after almost dying of embarrassment, and saying, ‘Is that right, honey?’ I hurried him along and didn’t look back.

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