KELLY BROWN: Saturday night TV is like the land of opinion, and not entertainment...

REMEMBER what the weekend’s television was like before ‘talent’ shows took over? No, neither can I!

But we are about to be reminded, well for a little while at least.

Yes, the juggernaut which is the X Factor finally came to a halt at the weekend in an almost predictable fashion. The big favourite won – so in effect the show could have finished months ago – but then what would ITV have put in its prime place?

And of course the BBC are the same with Strictly taking over our screens for what seems like forever.

So when that comes to an end at the weekend, what will the Beeb replace that with?

I’m sure the powers-that-be all have it under control and I’m sure if I was really that bothered, I could find out.

But the truth is, I’m not.

Thanks to the arrival of digital television and the ability to record a whole series of programmes at the touch of a button, TV viewing lives have been changed at the touch of a button.

It is not like the old days when you would need to remember to press the record button.

Though this doesn’t stop me frequently saying I need to ‘tape’ something rather than record. (How 1980s am I?)

These days you can fill in a Saturday night with hours of programmes recorded earlier in the week. And of course you watch Saturday night television on a Sunday morning – or a Tuesday lunchtime.

It’s a revolution!

Mind you, just because you don’t watch Saturday night television live, it doesn’t mean you escape from it.

If you go on to Facebook, Twitter or a raft of online portals, you can’t help but be kept in the loop about everyone’s views on Saturday night talent shows.

Everyone has to share their opinion in a way they would never do about the latest storyline in Casualty!

And of course everyone at work talks about it, friends, family... it seems the whole world has an opinion.

So post-new year Saturday night TV will (for a brief interlude at least) be less about opinion and more about entertainment – which is the point, isn’t it!