KELLY BROWN: Signs and sights that indicate the definition of getting old...

WHAT is the definition of getting old?

Well if it’s heading home while the youth are heading out, then seemingly I now fall completely into that category.

Not that I should be surprised, of course.

Thanks to the joys of parenting, I feel old (aka exhausted) most of the time anyway.

On Saturday I caught up with one of my friends and we arranged to grab a bite to eat and see a film.

BC (that’s Before Children) we would have most likely not eaten until after 7.30pm, or maybe post-film, but we bagged a table at 6pm to beat the rush (although it was already heaving).

The thought of attempting to beat the rush was something we would have not considered BC.

But our boring and grown-up stance saw an extra benefit – the lunch menu.

A lunch menu which runs until 6.30pm? Who knew that existed?

So, we were able to have a fabulous two-course meal, wine and cocktails (because of course it was also happy hour) for half the price it would usually have cost me.


And we were able to have a good old catch-up and actually hear each other in the restaurant.

Honestly, as I am typing this I can feel just how old I am sounding. I’m only in my 30s!

At the cinema we settled into the comfy seats with our ice-cream and watched the film.

And we enjoyed it, though we both had to ignore the fidget pots behind us who kept banging our chairs.

And while we walked back to the car to discuss the film – yes that is discuss, not just say it was good and leave it at that – we were confronted with the sight which really made us both feel about 103.

That was of course the sight of all the youngsters heading out for the night. Now in my defence, it was 11.05pm by then. That is 55 minutes until pumpkin time – far too late a time to be heading to the nightclubs.

Oh well, I suppose I will have to accept the fact that my BC days are well and truly gone.

Just tell me off if I get into the hot chocolate and slippers phase too early though, please!