KELLY BROWN: Suddenly I’m feeling old

HOW to feel old No. 101 – hit the pubs and wear a coat!

Now, I’ve never been a big drinker so even in my early twenties I am very much used to being an amused spectator to many drunken antics of either my mates or today random strangers.

But doing the same as a proper grown-up takes the observation game to a whole new level.

This week one of my best friends has moved abroad so a few days before she organised a proper knees-up to say farewell.

There was a gaggle of us girls heading to the ‘young people’s’ pub and as we walked up to the entrance it was my first reminder I’m in my 30s and not my 20s. Producing ID.

ID! I’m definitely old enough! But of course that doesn’t matter because everyone has to show it to get in, and luckily I always have my driving licence on me or I would have failed at the first hurdle!

The second reminder came at the bar when my friends asked the bemused barmaid for a wine list instead of simply ordering the house wine like our younger counterparts.

All 15 of us proceeded to take over a small part of the pub and grabbed chairs to stick around a couple of tables instead of just standing (well heels were being worn!).

And then suddenly someone behind the bar thought it would be a good idea to turn the music up so that people couldn’t hear each other without shouting. (Presumably an attempt to turn chatting into drinking).

Anyway this ploy most definitely worked on some of my friends who discovered they may not be able to handle their alcohol like they did in their youth. Either that or their bodies are just not acclimatised to a night in the pub anymore.

So closing time came and it was time to stumble (or in my case support the stumbling) onto a late night bar for another. Needless to say I was there for 30 minutes before tiredness creeped in and I decided to call it a night.

And as I sensibly walked back to my car I had the final reminder of how old I am getting – I was wearing a coat and a hat instead of hotpants and a T-shirt (which my the way was never my night out attire).

Oh well, I may not be 18 anymore but at least I’m warm!