KELLY BROWN: Talk to a politician and it is like talking to a small child

I can feel myself getting sucked in. I know that this is no bad thing but it is really starting to annoy me that it is happening.

Yes, today is election day and I have been finding myself randomly staring at the television, watching candidates talk the talk – without actually saying anything.

Every time there is an election this happens to me and I don’t know why I let it happen. Especially as I live in a ‘safe seat’ area and so it feels my vote won’t count no matter who I decide to vote for.

A lot of people in their 20s and 30s are not the slightest bit interested in politics. But they would like to know if there is something which is likely to affect their everyday lives.

So for parents like myself it is 
issues like tax credits, child benefit, school and nursery places, flexible working and the cost of a pint of milk and a loaf of bread which we need answers to.

But of course all you get is vauge promises, mud slinging and avoiding giving an answer at all costs.

It is no wonder politics is such a turn-off for so many people.

Ask a simple question and you should get a simple answer... right?

I think talking to a campaigning politician can be worse than talking to a naughty child who is desperate to avoid blame

Have you ever sat with your young child while they spent ages telling you something which actually makes no sense, or kind of just stops halfway through because they have lost the momentum.

But talking while saying nothing, desperately playing pass the parcel 
and avoiding taking responsibility is what you expect from a four-year-old, not a grown-up!

But as annoyed/exasperated/none the wiser as I am, I’m going to make sure I cast my vote today. And when we walk past the polling station on our way back from the school I will explain to my son what I am doing.

Because if you don’t bother to vote, then you can’t have a moan if you don’t like what the politicians have done.

I’m not losing that right!