KELLY BROWN: The battle of the bedtime was one I just could not afford to lose ...

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

IT WAS case of who was going to crack first and give up – mother or daughter. And I won!

Not that it was a competition of course, but it was a battle of will and sheer stubbornness as my little lady was getting angry in her cot.

The mini summer has seen me be out and about for a few days on the trot, and as a result my baby daughter has either been totally exhausted when I put her to bed, fallen asleep on her bottle or fallen asleep in the car.

I knew it would come back to bite me, so on Monday I ensured she had a normal bedtime routine – let the battle begin.

Bath, bottle, cuddle, story and bed. Well in theory anyway because she was not going to let go of that empty bottle without a fight.

Cuddles and stories were interrupted by my daughter desperately looking around for where mummy had hidden the bottle, and putting her to bed then sparked tears. And not just a few tears – angry ones.

Nasty mummy putting her to bed and making her fall asleep herself!

For a 14-month-old she knows exactly what she wants and gets extremely cross with me if she doesn’t get her own way. I’m not sure if it is a difference between boys and girls, but while my son just gets upset, she is bad-tempered.

So while she was in her cot refusing to go to sleep and making enough noise to keep our neighbours awake, my son was in his bed desperately trying to sleep. ‘Mum, she keeps crying,’ he sleepily told me and I had to snuggle up to him so he would forget about the racket coming from the other room.

He fell asleep almost instantly, 20 minutes later my daughter was still going strong.

‘Who is going to give in first then?’ my husband asked me – hiding out in the garden painting fence panels while this drama played out.

I couldn’t give in,not after that long. I remember once my little man putting up a 45-minute protest and it is the most horrible thing in the world.

Thirty-five minutes it took and she conked out. And she has gone to bed perfectly every night since then.

(Small victory to mummy, but don’t tell her that!)

‘Chicken’ fishfingers

SO apparently some primary pupils think cheese is made from plants and fishfingers come from chicken.

‘Sound the alarm bells,’ said the experts, more education is needed.

Well forgive me for not being over-dramatic, but children think all sorts of other random stuff as well.

Just think back to that game show Small Talk with Ronnie Corbett.

Yes they need to be taught, but let’s not hit the panic button just yet.

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