KELLY BROWN: There may be 50 things my kids should do, but not always with me

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

CLIMB a tree – check, cook on a campfire – check, hold a scary beast... mmm, maybe not.

What on earth am I waffling on about? Well, the National Trust has launched its list of 50 things to do before you turn 12 and I was looking to see how many of them I had done.

And how many of them I will start doing with my little ones.

Now I know I have years and years to work my way through them, but why wait to get started? Especially as the weather is finally starting to show its sunny side.

Top of the list is to climb a tree. I’ve certainly done this and I have no doubt it’s something neither of my two little daredevils will shy away from.

Both of them absolutely love it when their daddy throws them in the air and catches them, so a little thing like a tree is just another exciting challenge.

Second on the list is to build a den. I used to do that all the time and my son has done this loads, so tick that one off.

Go on a really long bike ride is another easy one for years to come, as is cooking on a campfire.

Birdwatching, fossil hunts and pond-dipping are also all on the list and again are easy to tick off the list, to the degree I can start to feel smug.

Well, that is until I reach the ‘hold a scary beast’ challenge.

Now I’m not a total wimp. I don’t run a mile from a little spider or a mouse or the vast array of creepy crawlies which can be found outside and I’m sure I used to be fascinated with them.

But spiders and the like are swiftly ushered into a pot, bit of cardboard, 
a glass and promptly relocated to a 
new home.

I’ve absolutely no desire to spend hours trying to pick up creepy insects and have them crawl all over my hands.

The problem is my fearless son loves them and whenever he spots anything, he always wants it to be put into a pot or on a leaf so he can take a closer look.

That’s okay if it is a snail, but not if it is something which creeps me out.

So how do I make sure my feelings don’t transfer on to him or his sister?

I’ve got it – it’s an activity which has got ‘quality time with daddy’ written all over it!

Not a fan of noise

I THOUGHT it was just a phase, but it shows no sign of going away.

He may be fearless when it comes to most things, but my three-year-old is scared of hand dryers. He has never really liked being around loud noises, or even really loud children, who he tends to look at strangely before moving off to a quieter spot.

But it does make me smile when I hear another parent say to their child ‘we won’t use the hand dryers’.

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