KELLY BROWN: They may love their shoes, but I’m not going to buy pretty ones

IT WAS with a big sigh that I had to shake my head when the lady in the shoeshop came out with boxes of pretty girlie shoes for my daughter.

‘Something practical she can run around in please,’ was in fact the order of the day – because every time I get her pretty shoes, she scuffs them up and gets them muddy in the space of about five minutes.

Yes, it was the moment we all dread when we take our children to the shoeshop to get them measured. They both needed new shoes.

Not that I mind (apart from the fact there was absolutely nothing particularly wrong with the shoes they were wearing) but it always seems to be a double whammy of expense.

My little lady was up first and after the shop assistant established her new size, she went scurrying off to the stock room and returned with an armful of boxes of pretty shoes.

Now I should stop for a moment and say my daughter LOVES shoes. Especially pretty ones. But almost every time I buy her pretty, soft shoes, they are ruined and scuffed so quickly that it seems pointless to buy them.

The only exception seems to be her sparkley party shoes which she adores and I won’t let her wear outside!

So, ensuring my daughter did not catch sight of the goodies on offer, I hurriedly declined the selection and the lady in the shop instead returned with trainers for her.

And like a magpie, my daughter instantly went for the slightly sparkley ones which light up when she walks. So, while she was admiring her feet in the mirror, I turned my attention to my son who also needed new trainers.

And of course, like his little sister, he loves the ones which light up and made sure the shop assistant knew his preference – ones with dinosaurs on them to be very exact.

So again the choice was made and I watched with great amusement as both admired their new shoes in the mirror while mummy handed over the money.

And so how long did it take until their shoes no longer looked like new?

It took two hours for them to get mud on their shoes after playing in the garden, but they were still smiling and still love their shoes.

So, pretty shoes? I think I rest my case!

Record or watch?

SUNDAY nights are a real television treat at the moment.

Top Gear, The Musketeers, Mr Selfridge are just some of the programmes causing me a dilemma of what to watch. And on Sunday I wanted to watch that space programme, too. Thank goodness for the record button!