KELLY BROWN: They may try to keep it ‘real’, but life as a parent will be far from it

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

IT IS not every woman’s dream to be fussed over during labour. In fact, just the opposite!

I know I just wanted to hold my husband’s hand and be left alone to get on with it.

The idea of the world’s media and ‘well-wishers’ being camped outside St Richard’s while I was giving birth would have horrified me!

But so begins the tale of life as a mother for Kate Middleton which, try as she might to keep as ‘normal’, is going to be one tricky task.

As royals go she is as normal as you get, and there is no way she is going to hand over her son to an army of nannies and staff.

And with husband William being given the most ‘normal’ of childhoods a royal prince has ever had, you know the couple are going to be determined to break new ground. But try as they might, it will be all the little things which have been, and will be, different.

Once both of my children were born, my husband and I spent time alone with them as a family before ringing the main family, texting friends and then – finally – uploading an obligatory picture onto Facebook.

Kate and Wills did manage to get some time alone with their baby and no doubt rang their parents, but as for the rest of a ‘normal’ routine?

An easel outside Buckingham Palace is not normal!

They won’t be able to have that first family walk where you are stopped every two minutes by total strangers who want to admire your little one.

And while busybodies debate whether baby Cambridge will be breastfed or have disposable nappies, the couple have limited options to turn to for the everyday advice.

Sure they will have access to the world’s best experts and their own families But nothing beats being able to sit and chat with other normal new mums about your joys, fears and woes.

To know that there is another mum also struggling to get her baby to eat or sleep, to be able to speak freely about being exhausted without being judged, and to be able to share your birthing story, in a way we new mums do as a badge of honour, is reassuring. Kate won’t get that option.

I’m certain Will and Kate will make excellent parents.

But I’m just glad I can be left alone to parent in obscurity, rather than spend life as a mum under the world’s spotlight.

The sun is hiding

SO THE children break up from school – and the sunshine stopped.

That Mr Weatherman as a nasty sense of humour!

Not that parents want it to be as hot as it has been these past few weeks, but a couple of nice weeks so the children can play outside would be good.

Just a little bit of sun will do, please.

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