KELLY BROWN: Watching a film can be such a big distraction – not that I really mind

THERE is something magical about the power of a film.

You are able to watch the same one time and time again and still be totally entertained and amazed by it.

And they have the power to completely distract you – intentionally or otherwise!

Last night I got sucked into watching Iron Man, a film I have seen so many times I almost know it off by heart.

I only put it on as background noise while I intended to do a bit of work – such as writing this column!

But as I sat on the sofa with my laptop I suddenly realised instead of tapping away on the keyboard and boring you all with the delights of my family life I has been staring at Robert Downey Jr for 20 minutes.

Not that this is a bad thing – there are far worse ways I could be spending my evenings – but there is nothing like a good film to create pure escapism.

Television has some of this power too, obviously.

I, like so many other parents, have found myself sitting down and being sucked into watching CBBCs, the Disney Channel or whatever else happens to be on long after the little ones have gone to bed. Or there are the moments when you find you have been watching utter rubbish for 20 minutes, or even worse just starting at the TV menu in a day dream.

But with television you can more easily break the cycle of distraction and abandon the programme to get on and do other things.

Maybe it is simply to do with the fact the programmes are much shorter than a film.

But the difference is you don’t tend to rewatch the same ones over and over again in the same way you do a film.

One of my friends has been to the cinema twice in the past few weeks to watch the same film – again the power of a good film.

And my son is totally obsessed with Despicable Me 1 and 2, wanting to watch both films every day.

So, did I switch off Iron Man to do my work? Of course not! Escapism and entertainment won the day and if it were on again next week I’m sure it would again.

My little trooper

MY little lady is such a trooper. She has been really poorly over the week with an awful cold and an ear infection.

But she is soldiering on like a little trooper – running around like a looney and not wanting my motherly attention any more than normal.

She is only finally giving in and asking for cuddles when it becomes all too much. It must be in the female genes to not give in to illness – even if sometimes we should