KELLY BROWN: We had flipping good fun making pancakes, but I’m not a copycat

SOMETIMES I think my son believes our lives should be just like an episode on one of his favourite TV shows.

Take LAST week, the week of the pancake!

Yes, as in homes up and down the country, the members of the Brown family were mixing up our flour, eggs and milk to make a stack of pancakes.

Sugar and lemon, honey, cheese – you name it, we used it as a filling!

But aside from enjoying the variety of fillings and making the pancakes – my little man did such a great job combining all of the ingredients – the focus was all about the flipping of the pancakes.

Why? Well, because of an episode of Peppa Pig.

My son went into great detail to explain an episode of Peppa Pig where a pancake sticks to the ceiling after it is flipped.

To get the pancake down, Peppa and her little brother George jump up and down upstairs until the pancake drops down – landing on Daddy Pig.

‘Flip the pancake higher mummy,’ my son pleaded with me while the pancakes were cooking.

Basically, he wanted to recreate the whole scene. Well it does look like fun!

And so it goes, life on the television is a triumph of minor muddles, fun and amusing incidents which are all resolved happily and enjoyed merrily.

Why wouldn’t my children want to recreate all their favourite scenes when they are all so much fun.

Of course, some are potentially easier than others to achieve.

Going flying with Peter Pan when he appears in Jake and the Neverland Pirates is out of the question.

As is having a picnic on the Moon with Ben and Holly.

And jumping up and down on giant springy shoes or riding on an upside-down bike is also not possible, despite its appearance in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

So we are left using the toys in our house to recreate these scenes and letting our imaginations run wild.

Mind you, that is probably a far safer option and does not result in the risk of pancakes landing on heads!

The sun is here!

FINALLY – the sunshine is here. Let’s hope it is here to stay for at least a little while!

At the weekend I was again able to get out in the garden and tackle some of the overgrown trees and shrubbery which were neglected because it was simply too wet to get outside.

And I have been able to get out and about with the children for walks and on the scooters. It is almost as if spring is around the corner.