KELLY BROWN: What would I like for Mother’s Day? A toy from my son, apparently

‘MUMMY, I’m going to buy you a present for Mother’s Day,’ my little man told me.

‘And it is going to be a lovely toy!’

Of course I was over the moon at just how cute he was being – although I have suspicions the ‘lovely toy’ he has in mind is something he will play with.

But, obviously it is the thought that counts and the fact he spontaneously told me his intentions just made my heart melt.

Of course his declaration was heard by his little sister who told me she was also giving me a present.

She was making me little biscuits. (She really can’t keep a secret!) And low and behold, she brought a lovely painted card and her biscuits home from nursery the next day.

Obviously I have hidden them away from myself so she can give them to me on Sunday!

Ah, Sunday. The day to show your appreciation to our wonderful mums.

Of course mine is fantastic and she does so much for me and my monkeys.

‘That’s just what mums do’, I remember her telling me once.

And of course I know, having had my own children, exactly what she means.

So Sunday will obviously be a day when the nation will be spoiling their mums. And although I hate the commercialisation and the idea mums are only appreciated one day a year, the family will all get together to do something.

First job, remind my brother it is Mother’s Day.

Second job, decide on what to do. Of course it has to be something we will all like and will not see us either fighting the crowds or sitting out getting cold in the rain.

So going out for breakfast and talking a walk somewhere could be a good choice – as long as the weather holds out.

Third job, ensure you bag a nice little token of appreciation for your mum she would like (and graciously accept slightly less appropriate presents from your small children).

Fourth job, explain to my son when he asks when it is ‘children’s day’, that in fact EVERY DAY is children’s day!