KELLY BROWN: When your child is having a little tantrum in public, it IS embarrassing

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

THERE are times when you just want the ground to swallow you up.

And one of those times is most definitely when your child is having a tantrum in public.

During the week one of my colleagues spotted a little one having a ‘moment’ outside our office.

Their dad was desperately trying to juggle that mix of calming the situation down, being firm, but not making a huge scene.

Easy as ABC? Well, Super Nanny thinks so! All I could think of was just three days earlier I had to deal with a very public tantrum from my little man outside the supermarket.

The catalyst – apart from his being tired because he was a little monkey about going to bed the night before – was he wanted to hold my hand all around the supermarket.

Sounds lovely in theory, but in practice I can’t push the trolley, sort out his sister and grab things from the shelves while holding his hand the entire time.

But I told him if he didn’t want to sit in the trolley he could help me push it and put his hand on mine – a sensible compromise, I thought.

I was wrong.

He kicked off big-style right outside the main entrance.

Crying, shouting, sitting on the floor and having a right little paddy for a few moments because he was not getting his own way. And yes, I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

Judgemental people walked past us and decided I had the child from hell, and I was quite obviously a terrible mother who couldn’t control my child.

To be fair, they could have been sympathising (we parents have all been there), but in my mind they must have been judging me and it was so embarrassing.

Talking to him wasn’t working and I didn’t want to shout – it wouldn’t have done any good and would have just reinforced my ‘bad mum’ image.

So I had to resort to scooping him up and sticking him the trolley until he calmed down and said sorry. He was then an angel around the shop.

I think the whole incident lasted a minute or so – but it felt like an eternity!

We knew that!

SO SCIENTISTS have discovered the length of pregnancy ‘varies naturally by up to five weeks’.

Did we really need a study to tell us that? Pregnancy is rarely exactly 40 weeks which is why so many mums have to have a little (or a lot!) of help to get things going.

So now, ‘due’ dates could be replaced with ‘delivered by’ dates – which is what you are already given when you go over anyway! Pointless tinkering?

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