KELLY BROWN: When your own words are used against you, it can raise a smile

IF YOU needed evidence that children juts parrot things back to their parents, then look no further than my little man this week.

Last night I did something I bit silly. I don’t even remember what it was.

But what I do remember is my son’s response when he said ‘oh mummy, what are you like?’

Oh my goodness, he could only have picked that up from someone else.

Evidently that someone else is me.

When I mentioned this to my friend, she did point out to me that it is exactly the kind of thing I come out with.

So that is just one more reason for me to be even more careful about the kind of things I say.

Another example this week has been my son’s new and masterful attempt at negotiation to get his own way.

I have always been an advocate of consequences and rewards to shape behaviour.

If he is good and does as he is told, then he can go to the park, choose a DVD, play a game...

If he does not behave so well, then he loses a toy, will not get to go out to nice places, will not get a pudding, etc.

Well this week my son tried to reverse this.

‘Mummy, if you want me to get my pyjamas on then you have to let me pick the DVD, don’t you?’

‘So do you want me to get dressed nicely or not then, mummy?’

What a bright little monkey!

Erm, no little man, that is not how it works – but ten out of ten for effort.

And my five-year-old is not the only one. My daughter is at it, too.

She is saying little phrases to me as well as bossing around her brother, saying things to him that obviously I must say on a regular basis.

She also attempts to correct him, again copying me.

Since starting school he has dropped the ‘t’ when saying words like ‘bottle’ and ‘water’ and I have been gently correcting him.

My daughter, it turns out, is not so subtle.

It really goes to show how we can shape the behaviour of our children without even trying or noticing.

So I had better watch out!

I’ll be selective...

I HAVE had my first IMAX experience – it was impressive (and loud)

At the weekend I finally got around to watching Interstellar at Cineworld in all its big-screen glory. It is most definitely one of those ones to see on the IMAX screen.

But I have to say I won’t be watching every film in giant-sized glory or else it will take away the impact of seeing those films which really are worth seeing on the big, big screen.