LAURA CARTLEDGE: At a time where teens knit and pensioners blog, age is a choice

AGE is just a number, they say, and I completely agree.

I don’t know when it hit me that ‘old’ isn’t old any more.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve never seen things that way.

But working on a ‘senior living’ magazine recently changed that.

Usually I have a good idea of who I am writing for – however ‘senior’ is a hard thing to pin down.

There are a lot of things out there targeted at the ‘over-50s’ – a bracket which includes my parents, Michelle Obama and Brad Pitt.

But can you imagine any of them settling down with their slippers on to read Saga?

So we went for a different approach and there wasn’t a step-in-shower in sight.

An interview I did that stands out, and proved to me we were on the right track, was with a 62-year-old blogger.

She told me how the idea of being a pensioner made her laugh as it conjured up the image of ‘someone sitting there with a blanket over their knee’.

Her view – ‘You can’t define people by their age any more, it is about how interested they are in life’ – is simple, and brilliant.

Have you come across Advanced Style? Did you see Channel 4 film, Fabulous Fashionista? If you haven’t, look them up.

The first is a website featuring ‘the most stylish and creative older folks’ and calls on people to ‘respect your elders and let these ladies and gents teach you a thing or two about living life to the fullest’. The latter did the same and both are brilliant.

I can’t help but find myself inspired, and perhaps slightly envious, of these women.

They just radiate, not only style, but a sense of security which comes from knowing who you are, how this big wide world works and what matters.

Or rather what doesn’t matter – namely what people think.

All of which makes them perfect role models in my view.