LAURA CARTLEDGE: Could it be time to get up off the sofa and dust off that old violin?

Imagine the ironing did itself, the lawn never grew past a certain point and the car was forever clean...

If your ‘to-do’ list was a ‘done’ list how would you spend your time?

I have a million things I would love to do.

Like improve my German, go to culinary classes and crochet something cosy.

Perhaps pick up my very dusty violin or learn how to juggle.

I’ll be the first to admit they aren’t very rock and roll desires.

But even so, everyday life still manages to get in the way.

If I so much as think about settling down and reading a book cover to cover, a little voice in my head will pipe up and say, ‘shouldn’t you hoover instead?’

And it will keep reeling off things I am putting off, louder and louder, until it is too noisy to read.

Instead I don’t end up doing either.

I just flop in front of rubbish television as my lists get longer.

Which I know doesn’t help anyone.

While I do think the weather is partly to blame – this time of year is made for hot chocolates and pyjamas – I am fed up of excuses.

The fact I want to do little more than curl up in a nest of duvets and DVDs is the very reason I shouldn’t.

Sitting indoors and sulking isn’t going to help solve my lack of energy.

That is why this week I pulled myself away from reruns of Grand Designs and headed back to zumba.

It was only a small step, or rather 45 minutes of dancing steps, but it was a giant leap in the right direction.

We can all name things we want to do, however big or small and what is stopping us really?

Of course it is easier to put what we want to do on hold than things which ‘need’ doing.

It is about getting a balance - do a chore, get a treat.

After all, I know when I am sitting in my rocking chair in years to come, I am never going to reminisce about how tidy my bedroom was.