LAURA CARTLEDGE Give me a break! I’m worn out from organising my holiday..

Why are the days leading up to a holiday so stressful?

Maybe that is part of their cunning plan to make you feel even more relaxed once you are there?

By the time you read this I will hopefully be in France.

Enjoying a long weekend of eating cheese, staring at nice buildings and trying to get by with barely enough French to earn me ‘null points’.

But right now that feels a long way away. I don’t know why it has caught me by surprise. We took hours scrolling websites, working our way through a mountain of brochures and reading reviews to make sure we got the best deal possible.

Perhaps that was the problem – we put so much legwork into booking that I thought the rest would just magically fall into place.

However waking up the day before departure it dawns on me that is not the case.

The suitcase I unearthed from the dark depths of under my bed has still failed to pack itself.

Worse still, the clothes I want to take are, inevitably, at the bottom of the washing basket. My shoes, instead of pairing themselves and standing in a row ready for selection, have decided a game of hide and seek would be fun.
So I stand there flustered. With my passport in one hand, sun cream in the other and odd sandals on – while my partner tries not to laugh.

Of course he put some boxers in a bag and was done ages ago.

And to think last week when I felt really smug and sorted because I had bought a sun hat.

Which I just hope looks more cocktails-on-a-cruise than brit-who-gets-burnt-too-easily.