LAURA CARTLEDGE: Groundhog days reassure me that all is well with the world

Have you seen Groundhog Day?

Saturday, 28th July 2012, 5:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:54 pm

The film starring a rather grumpy news reporter who gets stuck living the same day over and over?

I saw it for the first time the other day and it has made me look at my world in a whole new way.

Everyone has a routine, especially when the working day is involved.

But I am almost at the point now when I expect the film crew to jump out.

The neighbours’ cockerel always shouts at my window exactly two minutes before my alarm goes off.

And when I am on the way to work I walk past the same people, at the same time, at the same spot, each day.

It is getting so ridiculous they probably think I am stalking them.

There is the perfectly presented woman who manages to walk in the highest of heels with ease and the older gentleman who wishes me good day as he wanders past with his dog.

At lunchtime the same people occupy the chairs outside the café across the road and I buy my sandwich from the same short and quiet lady in M&S.

It’s even got to the point where the IT man who phones when my computer has gone on the blink – as it does most days – recognises me.

So we talk about the house he is going to buy or an article I have written as he fixes things.

Then on the way back to my car an elegant lady crosses path with me near the postbox before the ginger boy on his bike gives me a big grin.

And I nod hello to the mechanics having a smoke outside the garage.

Before I see the man in his checked shirt forever doing DIY outside his front door. Not that I am moaning.

I find it quite reassuring as the rest of my day is so unpredictable.

In fact if I don’t see these people I find myself worrying about them, hoping they are okay.

And I like to think they look out for me too.