LAURA CARTLEDGE: Have you seen birds in the car park, or horses in the city streets?

C101413-1 JPOS Chi Sept9 Staff   Photo Louise Adams''Laura Cartledge.
C101413-1 JPOS Chi Sept9 Staff Photo Louise Adams''Laura Cartledge.

THE STREETS are alive with the sound of... people taking about art.

As expected, the new additions have made quite a stir in Chichester.

And rightly so.

Having worked in this city for almost three years now, I’ll admit I have been walking around in a bit of a daze.

It was a classic case of ‘been there, seen that.’

Walking from work to lunchtime sandwiches and back again without a blink. The only exceptions being the occasional bizarre or brilliant busker – we do have some of the best around in my opinion – or if the nice person with the tray of chocolate temptation was out.

But whether it is the mushrooms on roof tops or stick men on Superdrug, the street art project has made me open my eyes.

I am not the only one either, as friends far and wide have taken to Twitter to compare notes and create a checklist.

Seen the horses galloping at the Westhampnett Road and St Pancras roundabout?

How about the birds in the car park behind Barclay’s?

However my favourite so far has been talk of a Lego installation, in the walkway under the wall along the top of Priory Road.

Lego and art? It is like Christmas has come early. Or rather, because of the nature of the hunt, perhaps Easter a little bit late?

You can almost feel the buzz in the air as you walk around.

Of course, not everyone feels like I do, and I respect that. Chichester is built on strong, traditional, foundations which is very much part of its appeal.

In fact I think that is what makes the street art so effective here.

Yes, it is still Chichester, but it has a new lease of life.

The same can be said for the art too.

Galleries will always have their place but something special happens when you let creativity loose.

Let me know what you find.

Twitter: @LSCartledge