LAURA CARTLEDGE: I don’t want films that are so scary they put you off your popcorn...

MY OVERACTIVE imagination has a lot to answer for.

The dressing gown on my bedroom door becomes an axe-welding maniac, and money spiders are tarantulas.

It’ll come as no surprise then that a lot of recent film trailers scare me.

It seems the hills have eyes, the mountains have teeth and you’re lucky if there are only monsters under your bed.

But at least in the comfort of my own home I have control – quite literally.

In the cinema they aren’t going to hand me the remote. And chances are you will get funny looks if you take a pillow to hide behind.

Yes, I am a wimp.

However it seems a lot of movies are made now to scare for scaring’s sake.

Which results in storyline and plot often not making the cut.

I could argue that the film industry is just responding to society. After all media coverage and the internet can mean real life is often more terrifying than fiction.

While video games make felonies fun.

Whatever the reason, films, including horror, are not what they used to be.

Now films that are rated 12A make me want to take my parent along.

And one look at the ‘special’ effects of old classics is more likely to make you smile than scream.

But is this a bad thing?

Take the old Bond films for example.

Q’s creations used to be my favourite parts, I mean who could forget the exploding cake in Diamonds Are Forever?

And James’ third nipple in the The Man With The Golden Gun – which looks suspiciously like a stray raisin has been squashed on his chest.

There are plus sides to avoiding anything remotely frightening however.

Like being able to sleep at night and getting to watch Despicable Me 2.

It defies anyone who thinks kids’ films aren’t just for little ones

I mean, who wouldn’t want a sombrero hat made from nachos?