LAURA CARTLEDGE Life’s like That...So many photos, so little time as a trip to Tenby gets me snap-happy

In the good old days holiday snaps were celebrated.

The projector would be dusted down and balanced precariously on a pile of books, and everyone would gather around as it whirred, clanked and clicked its way through the latest family adventure.

And this process would be repeated every time someone new came to visit, whether it be a friend, neighbour or postman, before the photographs were painstakingly put into albums and placed proudly on a coffee table.

However, as with many things, time and technology have changed all this.

Take last week for instance. My family and I headed to Wales for a short break and long walks among the green hills and grey skies.

Stopping at castles, harbours and cafes, everything looked like a picture postcard, from the coloured houses lining the quay to the rugged walls bearing the scars of battle.

Meaning that in just five days I happily snapped nearly 200 photos.

Having recently acquired a ‘smart’ phone, which lives up to its name by making me feel stupid, I had fun playing with the clever things it can do – such as piecing together panorama shots and the ‘sunset’ setting which added the much-needed warmth the weather had failed to deliver. And with the picture quality matching that of the family camera, some of the results were very good, even if I do say so myself.

Back home I loaded my masterpieces and more – like a shot of the £1.20 shop we found in Tenby, and my sister pretending to be a dinosaur – on to facebook. Which has to be the closest thing the modern world has to the photo album or frame.

And that was it. It was all over. Nothing to have and hold and bore my friends with. Which I will admit made me feel a little sad. Because while a click of a mouse can replace the time it takes to put a proper album together in principle, the end result doesn’t compare.

* Life after Bake-Off

Now the Great British Bake Off has hung up its apron, my television viewing has taken a knock.

Luckily, however, Downton Abbey is back with its unique brand of classy soap.

And as a result our Sunday evenings have fallen into a nice routine. With mum and I captivated by the outrageous tales, while dad hides behind his paper.