LAURA CARTLEDGE: My Christmas wish list is getting shorter by the year...

THERE are some things you are never too old for and Lego is one of them.

I realised this last weekend when my partner and I happily spent ages making mini-versions of ourselves.

Well, mini-Laura is an astronaut carrying a cup of tea and mini-boyfriend is wearing a suit and carrying a sword, but you get the idea.

It got me thinking about my favourite games when I was little.

Hungry Hippos, Kerplunk, Connect Four and Pop Up Pirate top the list.

While talking to my mum revealed that my favourite present back then was a massive cardboard box.

Whether there was anything in it has been forgotten.

Not that I cared.

It was my spaceship, house and anything else my imagination could conjure.

Which shows my age more than I would like to think.

Especially having asked a colleague what his little-ones want this year and being told, with a sigh, “anything electronic.”

For me Christmas is all about digging out the old board games and playing endless sessions of charades.

Before falling asleep with your paper hat on in front of Wallace and Gromit.

This year I am finding it impossible to answer – “so what do you want for Christmas?”

When does your list become about what you need rather than what you want?

Even so I have still only been able to come up with two things.

One is money towards my new-laptop-fund and the other is a book about turning doilies into lampshades and reupholstering armchairs.

Neither scream Christmas spirit do they?

But then asking for nothing is not exactly festive either.

The problem is I have one of everything I need, and I have a lot more of things I don’t.

Actually if Santa could bring me a clutter expert or a never-ending cupboard I would be very grateful.

And I have been very good this year.