LAURA CARTLEDGE: Popcorn, poppies and a welcome return make this a week of treats

MY SISTER is back; that is not meant to make her sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I know, I never told you she was going away. But she was, she did and now she’s home having spent the last month in Australia battling cockroaches in a campervan, cuddling koalas and taking a bounty of beach photos.

We’re very close, so her going to the other side of the world was a big deal and her return certainly trumps the rest of this week’s highlights.

Not that it hasn’t had stiff competition.

On another week, coming across toffee apple popcorn would be enough to claim the hotspot (good but not as good as I had hoped), while treating myself to a knitted poppy is definitely up there as well.

It’s from the crafty group which meets at Chichester’s Park Tavern on a Monday night. All proceeds go to the British Legion and it makes me smile every time I wear it – a decent return for £2.

I’ll warn you my excitement about the poppy seems to be catching, meaning I am now buying them by the bunch and posting them to friends across the country so if you want one, I’d be quick.

It might be going against the grain to say it – but I really like this time of year. This weekend will bring pumpkin carving – I’ve promised my partner I’ll wait until he’s with me (not that I mind it being a little late).

Any excuse to make art which comes with an obligatory side portion of soup is good by me. Then there will be a visit to Slindon, followed by fireworks in Barnham.

Plus, while the dark evenings take a bit of getting used to, the benefit is hot-chocolate-time can be earlier.

I mean, the benefit is the family spend more time together and I will raise a mug of cocoa goodness to that.