LAURA CARTLEDGE: Question Time is not just a TV show it is an endurance test...

PATIENCE is not my middle name.

More likely it is ‘stubborn’ but that plays a part in this too.

You see, recently, Thursday evenings have played host to my weekly test.

The challenge being to watch as much of BBC Question Time as possible.

The winner is usually me – awarded simply if I manage to watch any of it at all. With something like this I find it is best not to set the bar too high. Have you tried it?

I find it worrying engaging – but then moths feel the same about the flame.

Truth is I like being made a bit angry. I think it is important as it gives the fuel to want to change things.

Reminds us we can’t just flick channels to make the real world a more palatable place.

While Lord Bryon is reported to have said ‘prolonged endurance tames the bold’ I feel the opposite.

Proof, if needed, can be found in the fact Question Time has even been known to make me growl a little.

Rants about politicians are not new and neither is their inability to answer a question.

Whether it is straight forwardly, round the houses or otherwise.

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if sat navs were voiced by retired MPs.. uturn, uturn, uturn!

But that is a theory for another day.

Last week’s programme was quite a corker – and David Dimbleby, as ever, the perfect host.

But you could forget the table of panellists, it might as well have had two corners – Nadine Dorries in one and Fleet Street Fox journalist Susie Boniface in the other.

It covered the young, the poor, the pensioners.

The Mark Duggan case, immigrants and overcrowded hospitals also got air time – there is no doubt it is not light hearted telly.

It doesn’t fall into my usual (cake) mould of viewing but a few minutes once a week doesn’t hurt.

After all it’s best to take the sweet with the savoury.