LAURA CARTLEDGE: Sometimes money, money, money can be far from funny...

I HAVE so many ‘bugbears’. In fact I’m starting to wonder if I have them just because I like that term so much.

You can just imagine a bugbear, can’t you? A grizzly with antennae.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, at least not until evolution gets its act together.

In the meantime I’ll just have to share my latest gripe with you.

At its simplest, it is misleading signage. You will have seen the sort.

Posters proclaiming a SALE in big letters. Then in tiny print it will say items are ‘from’ £10. Or that the 25 per cent is ‘off’ not all that is left.

Or, in what I see as the worst cases, the ones which have a miniscule asterix.

So you look, working out what it links to, because we all know it is important to read the small print only for our hopeful treasure hunt to reveal it is just ‘selected items’ involved or for ‘card-holders only’.

It’s like going on an Easter trail and finding chicken eggs instead of chocolate ones.

Now I know the point is to catch my eye and it clearly works.

But getting my inner bargain hunter interested is a dangerous ploy.

Because, as strong as my ability to sniff out a deal is, my skill of spotting a trick is better.

And there is nothing like feeling you are being misled to or conned to make me keep my purse where it is.

Which, some that know me may argue it’s just another excuse for me being a bit... stringent with my cash.

While I refuse to see that as a bad thing, I do wonder if I take it too far at times.

Often I don’t even glance at the rest of the shop until the ‘sale section’ has been given a thorough rifle.

I have been known to make dinner plans based on what is in the reduced section... It adds a spontaneity to things. Honest.