LAURA CARTLEDGE: The power is in our hands when it comes to the ‘shock’ factor...

PEOPLE power is something I still believe in.

Steve Jobs, the man who turned apple from a fruit to a must-have accessory said: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

I think I have definitely got the crazy side. It’s not world domination stuff but I’ll happily apply it to pretty much anything.

For example, I get more enjoyment than I should from defiantly turning the radio off.

It’s my own little protest against the likes of Robin Thicke offering to ‘domesticate’ women. I like to think that if enough listeners do the same a buzzer will go off in the studio; the sort Britain’s Got Talent would be proud of.

Honestly the things ‘musicians’ – note the inverted speech marks – get away with. Read in isolation, no jazzy auto tune or barely dressed woman to distract you, it’s quite harrowing.

Don’t believe me? This is a gem from Bruno Mars’ latest offering... “Yeah, I got a fistful of your hair. But you don’t look like you’re scared.”

Nice isn’t it? So romantic.

It’s not hard to see why the world’s media is pointing the finger of blame in the direction of such celebrities, or video games and movies.

I don’t know if they are a bad influence - playing Mario Kart doesn’t make me want to throw bananas at other motorists - but I know it is not a good one.

They aren’t role models but we’ve put them in a position of responsibility and we are the fan to their flames.

A pawn in their game, which I guess makes me ranting in a newspaper a little ironic.

It seems ‘being shocking’ has become a career. Perhaps the best thing to do is ignore it and hope it goes away.