LAURA CARTLEDGE: They say bad luck comes in threes but this week I have lost count

THE ADVICE to take ‘one thing at a time’ is wise.

Only life does not tend to work like that.

Instead it opts for the ‘here are ten things, deal with it,’ method.

You can probably guess it has been one of those weeks. The kind where you reassure yourself bad luck comes in threes.

Only to count four things and hope that does not mean it will go up to six.

Granted each mishap has not been massive.

A bird decorating my car window – fine.

The sat nav deciding to take me on an adventure.

To the same roundabout.

Three times.


To be honest I should not have expected any less.

I would be better off with a compass taped to the dashboard.

Then, having finally got to my destination and parked up, I closed my eyes as I emptied my purse into the ticket machine.

Spending money has never been something I am good at.

Which made the £70 fine stuck to my windscreen when I returned a welcome treat.

Especially as I still had ten minutes before my time ran out.

Thankfully my camera clocks when photos are taken, so I took a snap of the ticket and fine which I plan to frame and send to the necessary issuing body.


So that was yesterday.

Today promises to be better – mostly because my not-so-little sister is turning 23.

And you know what that means... cake!

The only problem is the only hiding place we could find was the boot of my car...Which seemed clever at the time.

But of course that was before we saw the weather reports saying today is going to be one of the hottest of the year.

So it might just be a ‘surprise’ for all of us.