LAURA CARTLEDGE: They say we turn into our parents – I am starting to see the signs...

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PARENTS – can’t live with them, and, well, wouldn’t be here without them.

Okay, so that is a slight twist on the quote from Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus – yes, I may have googled that – but I think many of us can relate to it.

With my mum and dad marking 30 years of marriage this week, it has got me thinking about family dynamics.

After all, there’s a good ten-year gap where many children see their parents as a necessary embarrassment for which, in return, they get food and a free taxi service.

A study last year revealed the average youngster is left red-faced twice a day.

The ‘parent crimes’ ranged from music taste and dance moves to ‘licking their finger and wiping dirt off my face’.

In fact, looking at the list I’ll admit I’m guilty of a lot of them.

From singing in the car to doing silly walks in the supermarket. – but it is good not to take yourself too seriously, right?


I’ll be honest, I can’t remember being embarrassed by my mum or dad.

Granted, looking back at old photos there might have been some hairstyles and outfits – on both me and them – that should never have happened, but that was more a sign of the times.

I’m sure brown Laura Ashley dresses, bowl-cuts and perms were the ‘in thing’.

There’s one particular picture where my little sister and I are wearing what can only be described as outdoor romper suits.

Think waterproof onesies in matching colours and teamed with home-knitted balaclavas – you have to admit it’s a strong look.

But that’s it.

It might not have been ‘cool’ to say it when I was younger, but I’ll happily shout from the rooftops now that I’ve won the parent lottery.

A ‘Happy Anniversary’ card doesn’t really cover it.

Put simply, I think they are the best – so much so I can’t help but wonder if the tables have turned and I’m the embarrassing one now...