LAURA CARTLEDGE: Why worry about being all active? All I want to do is simply hibernate

IN JANUARY you have three options.

You can buy a cheap sofa, join a gym or go on a cruise.

That’s pretty much it – if the television is to be believed.

Where have the platters of party food and seductive Marks and Spencer adverts gone?

I’m not ready to come out of hibernation yet. And frankly I don’t feel like I should put down the selection box and get up and active until the sun bothers to make an appearance.

Which is the problem.

Leftovers, a lack of energy and other excuses (like my birthday) mean I have been putting off jumping on the ‘let’s drink smoothies and jump around’ bandwagon.

Just saying that feels like an effort.

But deep down I know I need to do something.

The thing is I think a love of food is healthy. A lot healthier than some of the so-called ‘diets’ that are around at any rate.

I am happy (or rather prepared) to cut down but I refuse to cut out.

Me trying to resist cake, or cheese, or cheesecake, is totally futile. And would probably end up with me raiding a bakery or devouring a deli counter.

I am not bothered about ‘dropping a dress size’, as it varies depending on where you shop anyway.

Plus I don’t think being happy in yourself should be gauged by numbers –
whether they are on coat hangers or scales.

To put it simply, I don’t want a new year’s resolution: I want to get my lifestyle into shape.

But I need a push, so I figure what better way than putting it on paper...

Now, I think realistic goals are the answer; after all climbing a mountain is just lots of little steps.

So to start things off, this year I will take the plunge and sign up for the Swimathon.

100 lengths for a good cause is great motivation to get back into the pool, which, I’ll confess I haven’t visited since I signed up for my membership card... some time in September.