LETTER: A27: City needs its MP's input

For many years, Andrew Tyrie has been able to enjoy his comfortable majority, and has not had to dirty his hands with local issues.

Wednesday, 21st September 2016, 12:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:02 pm

He has been able to enjoy his privileged position, and take on comfortable roles such as chairing the Commons Liaison Committee. His comfortable position has resulted in his becoming less and less connected with the people of Chichester. This was most recently demonstrated by his support of the Remain campaign, whilst his constituency was in favour of an exit.

Mr Tyrie has remained ignorant of the concerns of the area about the inadequate options that are being presented for the A27. While there may be differences of opinion in Chichester, there is a consensus that none of the options will solve the problems or achieve the aims of the project. Yet Highways England press on regardless.

All of the options for the A27 will have the same impact – there will be traffic chaos during the construction period, and, on completion, a realisation that it was all for nothing. Public money will have been wasted.

So, we need our MP back. Mr Tyrie needs to spend some time explaining to the Ministry of Transport they need to consider the bigger picture, including options that do not include road building. He needs to explain to Highways England none of their options will work.

There is a belief Mr Tyrie listens to a handful of local landowners, rather than the people of his constituency, and these local landowners have had an undue influence on Highways England.

Mr Tyrie could prove this is not the case by listening to the people of Chichester, and pressing their case. The people of Chichester need Mr Tyrie to start working for them now. It may mean that he will have to give up some of the nice official roles he has, and spend some time with his constituents who have been cramming into village halls to express concern about the A27 options.

The next election will take place during the construction period, if Highways’ timetable is accurate. My Tyrie needs to understand that the journey to the polling booths will have an influence on the way in which people vote.

Philip Wise

Stockbridge Road