LETTER: All A27 options should be open

On speaking to a lady we know who lives in one of the cottages at the end of Whyke Road, we were appalled to hear that the row of cottages, plus Abbas Coombe Nursing Home, were potentially up for demolition to enable a slip road and/or a north-south flyover, and this will be in a residential road.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 12:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:32 pm

Her husband rang the council to see if he could find out any more and was informed that because they had had little in the way of representations from the southern residents, it had been assumed that they were disinterested.

On the contrary, there are strident voices out there but they are unable to be heard over the Goodwood clamour and the heavily weighted campaign run by the Chichester Observer.

By and large we have been waiting to have our say at the promised consultations, which have now been put back yet again, and any sensible proposal for improving the A27 has been summarily abandoned.

All proposals should remain ‘on the table’ for consultation prior to decision making, so why have the northern routes been struck off? We were assured no decision would be made before consultation and reviewing stakeholders (homes alongside proposed schemes) comments and views.

If improvements to the A27 are to take place, then what are the proposed levels of compensation to householders living alongside the engineering works because of delays, disruption, diversion, night work and possible demolition?

It has long been accepted that the A27 is no longer able to cope with the amount of traffic, not fit for purpose, and projections have shown that this congestion will only get worse, despite flyovers and left in/left out junctions.

Where are the latest traffic destination counts? Where are the latest traffic flow figures? Have they been arbitrarily factored up from traffic numbers from several years ago or from previous schemes?

What is the existing pollution measure? This is particularly relevant by Kingsham Primary School and when the A27 is at a standstill.

Have the bus companies been involved in the initial planning? Were the hospital and emergency services consulted? Do the Highways Agency propose to uphold their promise to build high barrier fencing and acoustic pavement when the new work is carried out?

It all smacks of a walk over, particularly when over £3m was spent on a footbridge for a handful of people. How can a decision be made to drop the Northern Route without all the facts to hand? The money has allegedly been allocated for the road so it can’t be lack of funds.

Some time ago studies found that the pollution levels on the A27 were way above the EU recommended maximum acceptable limit, yet it would seem that the contentment of a few sheep grazing Goodwood pasture is of greater importance than the health of primary school children playing in the Kingsham Primary School playground and those of us who live near the A27.

The decision to abandon the northern route has been based on a very few householders that are concerned their view would be spoilt. Since when has this been a consideration and why does this not apply to all Chichester residents?

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion we are still living in the middle ages and that the system is feudal. The local gentry still seem to hold sway.

Shelley Cook

Langdale Avenue