LETTER: Charges put off city visitors

I just wonder how much more they can consider increasing '˜Parking Charges' in Chichester.

Friday, 17th November 2017, 8:27 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:39 am

It has always been a bone of contention.

Many of the meters in the car parks often malfunction and money drops through before the actual time requested is entered. Hence extra funds are required or a return to the meter to add more.

The main issue is the actual amount charged.

There is often a small sum added over a round figure – for example 10p or 20p – which visitors don’t often have so they end up putting say 50p in and do not get change back.

Perhaps the council could answer under the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ how much this is each year, and what they do with it.

They have already extended the evening charges so if one goes to say Chichester Theatre an extra small charge is required to cover the first hour there now.

Going to the cinema is now a problem. I am hearing of people getting £90 fines for not being aware of the new cameras situated there.

A pensioner recently told me of her £90 ticket received in the post a few days later because they had a meal before going to the film.

Do the members of the council want to encourage visitors?

My wife has recently changed her dentist to another town where she can get lower rates and free parking also for two hours.

Time for the council to think of others, not themselves.

Take a leaf out of Littlehampton’s parking – free in the winter and in the summer two-hour parking disc free.

Bognor likewise has issued free disc parking in some areas.

They are going out of their way to encourage people – new developments – independent shops and some rather nice eating establishments where people can enjoy a meal without worrying about exorbitant parking charges.

Final question – do council members have to pay for parking themselves or do they use the council car park when they go into Chichester?