LETTER: City is the most beautiful place

Regarding Cllr Len Macey's remarks regarding Chichester being boring, quite frankly I think the man should resign.

Sunday, 17th April 2016, 12:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:32 pm

What an absolute asinine, offensive statement to make, and this is someone who is supposed to be representing the people of Chichester?

I moved here from London and I can say this is the most beautiful place in the country.

We are so blessed with the Festival and Minerva Theatre – amazing actors gracing our stages with phenomenal plays – Young Chekov and the beautifully acted and directed Walter and Lenny about the relationship between the Dean of Chichester Cathedral and world famous American conducted and composer Leonard Bernstein to name a few.

The history the city has, the Cathedral and the architecture and all based on the stunning Chichester harbour and conservation area and of course our beautiful National Park.

We have amazing boutiques, cafes, restaurants, old pubs and new wine bars and there is quite a vibrant music scene happening attracting some internationally acclaimed music artists. If anything we are lacking a mid-sized music venue since the fabulous The Venue in Spur Road sadly closed down, but Chichester is anything but boring. It really is the most beautiful place to live and it is a privilege to live here. For anyone to suggest there should be sex shops and casinos in order not to be boring is worrying and extremely questionable.

He says ‘we need to move with the times’. Well, he’s entitled to his opinion but I think he’s just shown his true personality and has probably damaged his position as a local councillor beyond repair. It’s probably the most incredulous, irresponsible thing I have ever heard any councillor say.

I’m sure Gambling Annoymous, amongst others, would agree. He seems totally disconnected from the people of this area. Also, if people want more, which is everyone’s right, there are easy, quick train connections to Portsmouth or Brighton both of which offer a range of clubs, casinos and sex shops.

Chichester is not that place and we are very happy with how it is – culturally splendid and its growth needs to be carefully monitored so that all planning permissions are in keeping within the heart and essence of this stunning city, being considerate to the architecture and history.

Len Macey – well, I don’t think Chichester is for him, he should possibly consider moving on and I would suggest in a different career because how someone can be so detached from the people he represents is quite outstanding. Elections start soon, people of Chichester!

Deborah Bonham