LETTER: Coffee morning a huge success

Could you please pass on my most grateful thanks to all those wonderful people that made our Macmillan coffee morning such a huge success on Saturday, October 1, 2016, at 41 and 42 Westlands Road, Hunston.

Thursday, 13th October 2016, 12:00 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:38 am

The day started wet and got even wetter and the building of an Arc was on most people’s minds. The road was flooded by the torrential, non-stop downpour and the strong winds made it even more dreadful as the thought of flying rock cakes and airbourne Victoria sponges made me believe it would be a total wash out, but the people of this fine and caring area are made of strong and waterproof stock and the trickle of people soon turned into a flood and the two houses were buzzing with the sound of chatter and roars of laughter, children with very cream spattered faces and the aroma of fresh cooked bacon rolls drifted down that wind and even more folk turned up and it was like a miracle.

Even the lashing rain never stopped anyone having a great time. All of the helpers were beyond belief as they served up anything required from young Annie’s finest coffee cake to Gail’s chocolate orange cake, Shirley’s lemon drizzle and other wonderful home made goodies.

The hot food section was a great success; everything from Bombay potatoes, chicken curry puffs and chilli and cheese topped pasties, bucket loads of real chips to the humble Scotch egg, all washed down with mugs of tea or coffee and soft drinks for the children, who all added to the day by really getting into the swing of it.

The raffle and other games, all sold by the children led by Vinny Yates, were a great big bonus and as the good folk drifted off home the sun came out as if to say thank you and I cannot thank any of you enough for making it such a great day and hope that every penny is used to save a life as cancer affects us all and we did it for our fantastic and fine neighbour Heidi Baker, who’s battling this nasty and dreadful illness with such dignity and still with that defiant look in her eyes that it won’t beat her and I’m sure it won’t due to the fact that life is as good as you make it and she has made a lot of lives, including mine, so much better and thank you to all who attended or sent donations.

You have already made a difference as we gave raised more than £500 so far and we will keep on fighting for the sake of all of us and that one day the world will be free from the dreaded C word that affects us all.

Bill Phillips

Westlands Road