LETTER: Course of action is madness

In 2003, possessed by some irrational quasi-religious fervour, Tony Blair closed his mind to voices of reason and sanity and led us into a war '“ the disastrous and eminently predictable consequences of which still continue to de-stabilise our world and fuel divison and suffering.

Saturday, 23rd July 2016, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 5:41 pm

Scroll forward to 2016 and a similar blind irrationality gripped a large section of the British electorate causing them to blank out the numerous voices warning against economic, political and social suicide we would embark upon by choosing to leave the EU.

This appears to have been prompted, in part, by a futile wish to recreate a C19 vision of Great Britain which entirely ignores the demands of C21 globalisation and collectivism.

How else but as madness can one describe a decision to embark upon a course of action that will inevitably harm everyone by guaranteeing a weakening of the pound (as has happened) meaning the cost of living will significantly rise for everyone and threatening the future viability of institutions such as the NHS by driving the cost of drugs and medical equipment spiralling out of reach?

A course that would inevitably lead to a drying up of foreign investment on which our domestic economy depends (as has happened) while prompting an exodus of large corporations and multi-nationals who require full access to the European Free Market.

This was a vote that will facilitate the stripping back of employment and human rights that are indicators of an evolved civilisation while fuelling a febrile atmosphere of division, intolerance, anger and racism (as is happening) which can only tear our society further apart.

One of our greatest writers ironically defined happiness as ‘being perpetually well-deceived’.

The deceptions and self-deceptions of the Leave campaigners will however be very short-lived and bring only general misery and grief, just as Blair’s self-deception did back in 2003.

Martin Hills

Lyndhurst Road