LETTER: Don't they care about islands?

Shocking, slovenly, depressing ,frustrating and shameful. Just a few of the adjectives which spring to mind, when encountering the surrounds to the Chichester bypass.

Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 5:41 pm

As a landscape designer and contractor with over fifty years ‘on the job’ I am appalled and saddened by the roundabouts, grass islands and verges etc.

The originally well planted shrubberies on the roundabouts, which, a few years ago, used to look fine are swamped and hidden with chest high grass and weeds, whilst all the grass areas are equally high, horribly unkempt and infested with ragwort which is very poisonous.

The concrete central reservation surfaces have ancient weeds growing out of them.

There is litter everywhere too, some of which has lain there for a long time.

Where has the pride in our beautiful city gone.

Have the authorities not heard that first impressions are vitally important.

What do our French visitors think of us when nearly every one of their villages, towns or cities have roundabouts which are meaningful, artistic and beautifully maintained. Okay, so the French style may not be ours but simple English grass looks wonderful if well mown on a regular basis ie once every ten to 14 days or so.

If we cannot afford to maintain those shrubberies they should be cleared, levelled and neatly grassed over to blend in.

This would look great with the existing trees only and also become far safer for drivers. The grass traffic islands should be kept mown for safety too.

If money is short (I can hear them saying it) a metre wide edge grass strip, on the verges by the carriageways could be kept short and tidy which would greatly improve the aesthetics.

The central reservations should be kept weed free at all times and rubbish cleared.

Have the councils’ deliberately adopted a policy of not bothering to carry out any maintenance?

Do they just not care about the entrances to this wonderful city?

Are they blind to the shabbyness. Who’s responsibility is it?

Maybe I should get a gang of people together and clear those borders, just for the sake of the plants!!

If anyone mentions Health and Safety,they should try driving around the islands and roundabouts and see what the ‘sightlines’ are like.

I am sending a copy of this letter to Andrew Tyrie MP to ask for his support in getting the matter resolved.

Julian Lindsey Clark

Sea Grove, Selsey