LETTER: EU statements not justified

I have just received the most ridiculous communication so far, from the stronger in group. Selected unsupported facts on the first page and unsupported opinions on the second. If one cannot justify the statements then one's contribution is worthless.

Sunday, 29th May 2016, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:07 pm

JOBS. If 3 million jobs are linked to exports to the EU, then about 27 million jobs are related to internal UK trading and exports to the rest of the world.

Why should we lose any of the jobs related to the EU? If we stopped trading with the EU, the EU would be the losers, with their current huge surplus with us. In any case, services account for 80 per cent of our economy and these are world wide services which the EU also relies on.

The balance of 12 per cent of our economy is related to the UK and other world wide trading. So I do not see any scope for UK job losses; if anything they could increase, particularly if we can control Eu and other immigration which both undercut our workers on wages and prevent them from getting available jobs in a steadily growing economy.

FAMILY FINANCES. Why would family finances be hit? We could lose our deficit with the EU, eliminate our payments to the EU, even charge the EU to allow them to trade with us as they are the beneficiaries of UK/EU trading, support farmers, fishermen etc. etc. Food and household goods imports from cheaper areas etc. are more likely to reduce household bills.

BUSINESSES. As noted above, very few UK jobs depend on the EU and extra trade with the rest of the world could easily lead to business growth.

PRICES. This has been dealt with under previous headings and is just useless makeweight in the document.

PUBLIC SERVCES. As I do not expect the UK economy to be hit, why should public services be hit.

It is up to readers to make up their own minds; I will not be supporting the remainers or any of their kind.

K W Newby

Elm Park, Bosham