LETTER: Everyone's a winner if delays

I have read with interest Mr Jeremy Hunt's letter complaining that abandoning the current consultation process '“ to permit Highways England to take a more balanced view of the alternatives having been swayed by a tsunami of local opinion '“ and for someone who lives in Brandy Hole Lane, a lovely and expensive area north of the city he writes a very impassioned letter, and not only that he is WSCC councillor for Chichester North.

Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 5:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:46 pm

What amazing coincidences! I wonder if his opinion would be the same if he lived south of the city? Just a thought.

Obviously and understandably those south of the city are, in the main, against their region being ripped up and vandalised at the altar of improved traffic flow, and equally those to the north are against a northern option for the same rationale too.

I’m afraid that our ‘public servants’ such as Mr Hunt and Mr Tyrie are not covering themselves in any glory, the former suffering from acute NIMBYism and the latter adopting the old attitude of ‘if I don’t make a decision, I can’t cop any blame ‘cos I won’t ever be wrong’.

Frankly, I’m currently of the opinion that if it takes another 25 years to return to the position we are currently in, everyone’s a winner! Yes, my very own wonderful cop out as I live to the east of the city I grew up in and in which I have lived for nearly 65 years, so any route upgrade will be a nuisance, and probably an eyesore, and in any case it won’t be long before I shall be too decrepit to drive, so won’t actually care if it takes ten minutes more to traverse this once beautiful and historic city.

Terry Robinson

Joys Croft