LETTER: Honest, open debate needed on potential EU exit

The debate on Europe in or out should not be held behind closed doors as appears to be the case.

Sunday, 13th March 2016, 11:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:31 pm

This is a monumental decision for all of us in the UK and just for once we need open and honest debate from the politicians. We have a golden opportunity to decide once and for all are we in or are we out of the EU.

Over many decades politicians have failed to prove to the public the benefits or the pitfalls that membership affords us, how could they when they seem incapable of agreeing among themselves, some even resorting to trading insults from the floor, and the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond treating the general public as recalcitrant school children not yet quite grown up enough to understand the wider implications either way is frankly an insult to the electorate.

This country has some excellent politicians who are in public office for the honour of serving the UK and its people but sadly on the other hand are those who seek only self promotion and gratification, is it any wonder that the general public at large are confused about this pivotal decision.

This is a very long campaign and a major drawback to such is keeping the subject fresh and uppermost in people’s

minds, all politicians must use this time very wisely and engage with the public in serious debate, politicians should be aware that the British public are knowledgable and interested in all matters affecting this country

Michael Howard makes a compelling and eloquent case for exiting the EU but we need many many more such debates from both sides, balanced and informative to allow us all to then consider how we really want to vote not just for ourselves at this time but for future generations and the good of all in the UK.

There will not be another opportunity for the voice of the people of Great Britain to be heard in such a way as to influence decision making across the world.

Maura Field

Grosvenor Road