LETTER: Hospice issues

AS one of the recipients of a letter from St Wilfrid's '˜bosses' and as an objector to their recent planning application for a new hospice in Bosham and the author of a letter on this subject which you kindly publishd last year, I object to the tone of their statements reported on page five of the August 13 issue.

Sunday, 23rd August 2015, 6:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:00 pm

Apart from the fact that the parish council have objected to this proposal on sound planning grounds, I know of a number of Bosham residents who object to this ‘unsympathetic building’ in this area of outstanding natural beauty. Furthermore, there is the important matter of drainage from a hospice where patients with life-threatening illnesses are treated. We do not want their hazardous overflow on our roads and gardens at times of heavy rain.

We know that Southern Water stated that the present drainage system cannot cope with further input from this site and having checked, Southern Water have not changed their assessment.

The danger to young children in Walton Lane from extra traffic cannot be eliminated, nor can the massive lorries and tractors, often with overhanging trailer loads or farm equipment which cannot be reduced in width.

The site is too small for the proposed building, the car parking too crammed in and too few parking spaces for staff, visitors and outpatients. Any further expansion in the future to cope with the ever-growing population in the catchment area of the hospice, would require further land in Bosham (one of the most expensive for building land in the area).

The site is also far too noisy, being only metres from a busy junction on the A259. Because of the short sight lines to the west, vehicles accelerate hard when exiting Walton Lane to go east.

Perhaps the council could kindly find a parcel of currently derelict land off the extension to the road where Homebase is situated, close to the hospital and more cental to the catchment area of the hospice.

This letter may clarify why, while being a supporter of St Wilfrid’s, I wish to save them from their own folly. I am sure that many agree with me but do not wish to speak out as the subject in question is the hospice.

K W Newby

Elm Park,