LETTER: Meetings won't solve A27 issue

We will never solve the Chichester bypass problem by holding lots of meetings of councillors or residents.

Friday, 6th October 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:29 pm

I know this because, during my career, I was asked to see whether I could find solutions to a number of major national problems, after committees of experts in the field had failed; in many of these, billions of pounds (today’s prices) were at stake.

The present bypass is quite capable of copng with either A27 traffic or local traffic, but not both, as they delay each other. I have, over the years and at peak times, timed my traverses of the bypass from end to end, in both directions.

The average has been about 30 minutes with a maximum of 61 minutes.This suggests that at current peak periods, traffic travels at an average of about 6mph.

If there was no interference from local traffic, through traffic could travel at say 60mph and the present bypass could carry ten times more traffic in each direction than at present (which includes local traffic).

This suggests that a single lane in each direction could easily cope with through traffic if separated from local traffic, a massive reduction in cost compared with two lanes in either direction; overtaking would be prohibited over this short distance to make such a move feasible.

If these two lanes could be buried in a tunnel below the present bypass, all would be solved, but we would have to resurrect King Canute to hold back the tide for this to happen as the bypass is at too low a level relative to Springs High Water Level for this to be feasible.

A northern route would avoid this flooding problem and, buried in a tunnel in all sensitive areas and no intersections to increase local traffic conjestion, no one would be ware of its existance once the work was completed.

In this respect, halving the number of lanes would reduce the construction time and cost and much less spoil would have to be disposed of.

A beautiful viaduct (not a concrete monstrosity) with sound absorbing walls could solve the Lavant Valley problem and indeed enhance the view down the valley.

I would like to see the present objectors to the northern route make a public-spirited gesture and show the true democratic spirit of which this country is so proud, accepting this new concept for the northern route, thus removing the ruination of the environment of thousands of residents in other areas. And what a boost to the images of the present northern route objectors.

This would leave the present bypass to cope with all other traffic without making any changes.