LETTER: Money does all the talking

Since the price of a house brick in the south is the same price as a house brick in the north but the average house price in the north is about £174,000 and the average house price in the south is £250,000 it might suggest why developers are very anxious to fill all possible spaces around us in the south without too much regard of the effect on our rural communities, for now, most being made up with people born and raised in the areas.

Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 1:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:50 pm

There has obviously been a certain dilution by incomers who are the most likely people to have the buying power to purchase new build (and old) removing the opportunity, albeit a distant one, for local youngsters to get on the ‘ladder’ where the deposit alone is out of reach to most.

It would then appear that most of the new properties will go to incomers rather than help out our own need for housing to be within reach of our local new families.

Compared with the build for the open market the so- called affordable housing is minute.

One wonders if the developers with their handsome profits in the south give financial aid to our hospitals, our dental practices, our schools, our sewerage systems, other than those on the new estates, and to the necessary changes to our roads to cope with an obviously very large increase in the traffic flow to come?

It’s interesting to see them adding the carrot ‘greenspace to be included in their development’ when we already have green spaces, or did, where the houses are to be built.

I believe that those who relish the idea of urban dwelling would probably have moved to one leaving those of us who are comfortable being rural, stay in the surroundings known so well by us and our forebears... but sadly money does all the talking.